So while being in London one of these many times, I got the chance to have dinner at this absolutely beautiful place called Great Fosters ( I enjoyed it so much that I have to rave about it here. And if you get a chance, go there and have dinner, or better still, stay overnight as well (which is what I am planning to do next time). Great Fosters is a 16th century mansion which originally lay within Windsor Great Park and is still adjacent to the town of Egham, Surrey, England. The gardens are what one would call perfectly proper English. We had our pre-dinner drinks in what would have been a formal sitting room equipped with a huge open fireplace and then had dinner in an adjacent private dining room. It was absolutely adequate! The only down side was that after the dinner there was no Rolls Royce waiting for me to bring me back to my hotel (a Hilton which felt like a dump after that experience). Oh well, life is rough!

One Response to “Adequate”
  1. Envious says:

    Wow! I think princess kate would feel the same in such an environment. You certainly look to be having fun stylernator

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