Summer Boots

Summer boots is one concept I have failed to grasp. I mean, in Europe where you have to wear boots half of the year anyway given the funny climate, you would think one is happy to get out of them when spring does finally arrive. And then, for the few weeks there is actually a summer, you really want to wear boots as well? Like you miss them so much that you have to wear them year round. But if I look at it from the practical side, aren’t these things awfully warm at 30 degrees? Wouldn’t you rather just wear flip-flops? But I guess we do what fashion dictates us, and right now they are telling us that you have to wear boots, no matter what time of the year and irregardless of the temperature. Oh I love free will!

One Response to “Summer Boots”
  1. Envious says:

    Could it be because it’s never really warm here?
    Keep up the great work Stylernator!

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