Things Everyone Must Experience At Least Once In Life

There are certain things one has to do and experience in one’s lifetime. The Internet is full of lists of things everybody has to experience before one dies, and so on. Normally I don’t have such bucket list that I work off, nor do I spend much thought on things I want to experience at least one. But last week, after having done it, I can definitely say there is one thing one has to do and experience at least once in his/her lifetime – and that is waiting at a red carpet premiere for 6 hours for some star to appear and have your selfie taken with him/her.

For me it was the premiere of the latest James Bond movie Spectre last week in Berlin. I have been drooling over Daniel Craig since his last Bond – Skyfall (see the blog I wrote about it). Yes, I know, a bit late – and I am wondering ever since what took me so long. And don’t worry, I have been making up since. So one of my ultimate fantasies was to meet Daniel Craig in person, to be very close to him just once. And this fantasy came true when I realized that I would be in Berlin when the Spectre premiere would take place. So several weeks in advance I went about planning this – I wanted to make sure I do get my picture! So a bit of research on the Internet revealed that I needed to be at the Sony Center at least by midday to secure a front-row spot. Not taking any chances I arrived there at 11 a.m. and secured my spot right across from the stage, front row of course. And because some 6 hours of waiting lay ahead of me, I made sure that I was adequately equipped with a camping chair, hot tea (it was about 5 degrees), warm and functional clothing, plenty of food, and my iphone, ipad, and MacBook Air, to pass the time. I had an external charger so not to run out of battery, and a selfie stick to extend the reachability of my iphone camera. And then the waiting began. During the course of the wait I befriended the two people to my right, a 24-year old student (a premiere virgin like me) and a premiere profi who does that kind of thing a couple of times a year, has two books full of autographs already and his own youtube video channel (inselvideo). Surprisingly enough the time passed pretty quickly, and roughly at 6:30 the list of invited guests arrived. The atmosphere was exactly like you see on TV, lots of screaming from the fans (to draw attention to yourself and catch that autograph or selfie) and a flurry of camera flashes. Being the premiere virgin that I am, there were not too many celebrities I recognized, but even I did recognize those two.
thumb_IMG_3247_1024 thumb_IMG_3227_1024
And then the moment arrived when Daniel Craig appeared. He literally worked the whole crowd, the whole 300 meters of red carpet, and signed countless pieces of paper and took endless selfies with the waiting fans. And I was one of them!
thumb_IMG_3289_1024 thumb_IMG_3291_1024
Being face to face with Daniel Craig, I must admit that he is an instant turn on, sexy as hell, and my reaction was one of hyperventilating, dry mouth and a bundle of nerves. I simply couldn’t keep my cool. He is as sexy up close and personal as he is on screen, and the grin on my face after this encounter will have to be removed surgically in a few years or so.
After having done it I must say, he is definitely worth the wait, and one needs to experience this exhilarating experience at least once in his/her lifetime, with whoever tickles your fancy.
And the best part, the next day, still relishing in my experience, I found this picture in one of the papers online:
James Bond

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