What to wear to hospital

In a few weeks I have to go to hospital to have a non-life threatening but necessary operation. My doctor did a fine job in advance to explain to me all the medical intricacies, making sure all my worries and apprehension are removed as much as possible. And she offered to answer any question I might have. I walked away feeling pretty informed about the whole thing, but once being back home after that appointment I found myself having lots and lots of questions – the only problem being – I don’t think my doctor can answer any of them, as they are not of the medical nature. The first question that popped into my head was “What should I wear?” Should I already rock up in my pyjamas on the day of the appointment? Would make sense to me, given that for the next couple of days that’s all I am going to wear anyway, and surely they won’t operate on my in my regular outfit. It might actually be the perfect situation to sport the pyjama look – as described here. And you save yourself some time having to change.

Another question that came to mind – Do I wear make-up to my appointment?? It might actually be a bit inconvenient, come to think of it. After the operation, as you come out of anaesthesia, and you lay there dazed and confused, it might not be a good idea to ask the nurse to please remove your make-up and be sure to apply the rich overnight revitalizing moisturizer and not only the regular moisture surge overnight mask. And again in the morning to please apply your face before the doctor does his daily round as you wouldn’t want to see him looking slightly below par.

Although, the clinic where I will be staying also has a cosmetic surgery department, and the advertise beauty treatments while staying at their hospital – an idea that is apparently not that novel, as this article from the New York Times shows. And although I am not giving birth, I still want to look good. So who knows, maybe I’ll get my nails done whilst recovering – after all there is nothing else to do but lay there.

And one last obscure question that is still unanswered. As I most likely will be leaving the hospital in a wheelchair – can I wear heels? Is it even appropriate? It might actually be a good opportunity to wear your most uncomfortable, sky-high heels, the ones you are not able to walk in. Because you don’t have to actually walk. But then again, this might not be the place for it.

I will let you know in a couple of weeks how I answered all my questions.


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