Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! I am an IT professional located in Switzerland, in the Zurich area. This becomes important as I will write about the style and mis-style (if there is such a word) of IT professionals in general, and in Switzerland in particular (sorry if I am going to offend anyone, but it is about time that someone addresses this!). Over the years my eyes have been subjected to some pretty bad styling and outfits, and so I have begun to “re-decorate” some of my colleagues (male) with various successes (some are actually thankful for what I did). But IT gals, don’t think you are getting away lightly here. I haven’t even started on you!

This and my being a fashionista (aren’t we all these days!) led me to believe that the world needs a style police to educate people of dos and donts of styling and fashion. Of course this is not the only topic I will write about. My job requires me to travel quite frequently and my favorite past time is shopping. I usually try to combine the two, so I will report about some of the places I’ve visited. Also, I am somewhat of a trend scout, so you will get the latest and the greatest from street style around the world, as I see it.

I feel compelled to share my unique sense of style and personal opinion on fashion and style with the world. And of course I want to become famous (don’t we all!) and earn millions (again, don’t we all) with my blog. So – brace yourself and enjoy the ride!

One Response to “About”
  1. stylernator says:

    Hi Girlfriend! Thanks for supporting my blog! I will write about our shopping adventures of NY in here….

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