Ready for the new trend

I think I have done it again! I have spotted a trend before it becomes really a main stream bulk trend (if there is such a thing). How else would you explain the absolutely stylish but yet very hard to find must have accessory for this summer? What am I talking about? I am of … Continue reading

A little gem

Recently, my travels continued. This time they brought me to the German town of Stuttgart and the nearby shopping haven of Metzingen. Located there are, among others, a ginormous Hugo Boss outlet, a fabulous Ralph Lauren store (it is three stories, and the whole top floor is dedicated to bath and home ware), a Burberry … Continue reading

Hot for tomorrow

Given that I just traveled to the future and back, I know already what’s gonna be hot tomorrow and what is a must have staple for the seasons to come. I just recently traveled to Australia, and one firm belief that I have is that fashionwise they are always ahead of the game. In this … Continue reading

Is it Winter yet?

After a quick stint to the Arctics I did the opposite not long thereafter – I went to Australia for a bit of sun and warmth – and observed the same as in Lapland – clothes for the wrong season. In the case of Australia, where it is summer now (and temperatures of 30+ degrees … Continue reading

Is it Spring yet?

For a couple of years now I have noticed a fashion world phenomenon. A few years back I went skiing in Colorado in January, and as part of the package I did a day of retail therapy at an outlet village. That particular day it was snowing like crazy and the temperature hovered around -5 … Continue reading

On the road again

Over the past week, I have been traveling again. In a relatively short period of time I went to Frankfurt, London, and Madrid. Naturally I did a lot of fashion spotting and comparing, and London comes out as the winner by far. I have to say that London inspires me a great deal. Anything goes … Continue reading

The next crave

People – I need your help here. I have discovered that Yves Saint Laurent brings out a new, limited edition, nail polish set that I DEFINITELY, URGENTLY, must have. It is called No. 1 Griffe Dorée, and the information about the release date (if you can call it that with nail polishes…) is unclear to … Continue reading

Rock chic

One of my favorite looks for fall is the rock chick or rock chic look. I love the combination of heavy boots or booties, combined with slim jeans and a leather jacket biker style. Or a little mini dress  combined again with biker boots and a leather jacket. Add a silver necklace or two, get … Continue reading

Boots – really?

Now that we are slowly heading into fall, I can observe the most interesting clothing combinations on my daily commute. Granted, the mornings are very cool now, mostly under 10 degrees C, but during the day it will warm up nicely to around 20 degrees C. And yet I see already people wearing down jackets … Continue reading

Style on vacation

Recently I went to Majorca for a week’s vacation. First of all, I am embarrassed to actually admit that I went to Majorca, but it served several purposes. We needed and affordable destination with lots of sun where we could go road biking – and well – Majorca is it. Otherwise, the island did not … Continue reading