Geek Gorgeous 

Working in the tech sector, I am naturally drawn to all things techy, geek, and gadget. But I also love fashion and am a bit of a fashionista. So how do you combine the two, given that most tech gadgets don’t exactly exuberate style (with the notable exception of Apple).  For example, look at Fitbit … Continue reading

What to wear to hospital

In a few weeks I have to go to hospital to have a non-life threatening but necessary operation. My doctor did a fine job in advance to explain to me all the medical intricacies, making sure all my worries and apprehension are removed as much as possible. And she offered to answer any question I … Continue reading

Animal Love

For all of you out there who own an animal, they know what I am talking about. About the love of an animal, that unconditional love no matter what. The designers, for the past seasons, have perfected that animal love. You just know that you love the Burberry trench to death, and it loves you … Continue reading

Shopping mania

Just recently (or not so recently) I went to London for business and tagged on a day of shopping. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while – go to Bicester Village which promises to be another shoppers haven. The way to do it really is to book the Chauffeur Drive, which is a luxury … Continue reading

Portrait of a Family

The Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign displaying portraits of an American upper class family clan is one of my favorite advertisement series right now. I just love how it has been put together. The photographer has managed to capture the arrogance and snobbishness of a family in feud so well. One can see the stuck-up girls … Continue reading


Last Thursday I went to see the new James Bond movie, and since then I have been in a fog – in a Daniel Craig fog! The expectations beforehand were relatively high as he is apparently the Bond who shows his naked upper body the most. But who would mind?? And I have to say … Continue reading

London calling

I am a lot in London these days – on business. However, there is always a little bit of time here and there to do some shopping and go into the city. I absolutely adore London, however, Londoners are a bit funny in some ways. The other day when I was at Selfridges for a … Continue reading

Ready for the new trend

I think I have done it again! I have spotted a trend before it becomes really a main stream bulk trend (if there is such a thing). How else would you explain the absolutely stylish but yet very hard to find must have accessory for this summer? What am I talking about? I am of … Continue reading

A little gem

Recently, my travels continued. This time they brought me to the German town of Stuttgart and the nearby shopping haven of Metzingen. Located there are, among others, a ginormous Hugo Boss outlet, a fabulous Ralph Lauren store (it is three stories, and the whole top floor is dedicated to bath and home ware), a Burberry … Continue reading

Hot for tomorrow

Given that I just traveled to the future and back, I know already what’s gonna be hot tomorrow and what is a must have staple for the seasons to come. I just recently traveled to Australia, and one firm belief that I have is that fashionwise they are always ahead of the game. In this … Continue reading