Animal Love

For all of you out there who own an animal, they know what I am talking about. About the love of an animal, that unconditional love no matter what. The designers, for the past seasons, have perfected that animal love. You just know that you love the Burberry trench to death, and it loves you … Continue reading

Portrait of a Family

The Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign displaying portraits of an American upper class family clan is one of my favorite advertisement series right now. I just love how it has been put together. The photographer has managed to capture the arrogance and snobbishness of a family in feud so well. One can see the stuck-up girls … Continue reading

London calling

I am a lot in London these days – on business. However, there is always a little bit of time here and there to do some shopping and go into the city. I absolutely adore London, however, Londoners are a bit funny in some ways. The other day when I was at Selfridges for a … Continue reading

Rock chic

One of my favorite looks for fall is the rock chick or rock chic look. I love the combination of heavy boots or booties, combined with slim jeans and a leather jacket biker style. Or a little mini dressĀ  combined again with biker boots and a leather jacket. Add a silver necklace or two, get … Continue reading

Show Secrets

How did I manage to get into all the shows? Well, of course there was the legit accreditation of being a fashion blogger and getting invited to some shows, but we were two and didn’t always have two invites. So we needed the thin protective layer of bullshit (see my previous post) to work our … Continue reading

A thin protective layer of bullshit

Without a thin protective layer of bullshit would I have not been able to survive Fashion Week Berlin. It was a week where an industry celebrates itself. And the level of self-importance and being pretentious rose to new heights. and in order to survive all that, one does need to have a thin protective layer … Continue reading

We want Mohr

We want mohr – that was his motto for the evening. The show was different, almost bizarre, but then again, we didn’t expect anything less. The designer himself, suffering in his creativeness, showed an interesting array of street wear and was one of the few designers who had male models in his show. How refreshing! … Continue reading

Schuhmacher Show

I think this one was my favorite show of Fashion Week. Not only were the clothes beautiful and very wearable (extra wide pants are coming back), but the designer is also very nice and friendly and approachable. We went to her store opening after the show where we got to shake hands with her (she … Continue reading

Strenesse Blue Show

I really had my hopes up high for this one, after all this was Strenesse, but boy oh boy – what a disappointment. Besides the technical glitches of the music stopping all of a sudden, the clothes were just – clothes. I didn’t think there was anything special about the show and so far it … Continue reading