Geek Gorgeous 

Working in the tech sector, I am naturally drawn to all things techy, geek, and gadget. But I also love fashion and am a bit of a fashionista. So how do you combine the two, given that most tech gadgets don’t exactly exuberate style (with the notable exception of Apple).  For example, look at Fitbit … Continue reading

Bad style day today?

This morning on the commuter train, I saw a guy in a suit (black with light brown pin-stripes) wearing light brown shoes (would be ok as it kinda matches) and a black belt (that combination is now definitely NOT ok anymore), but he was carrying a Louis Vuitton laptop bag. Surely a case of too … Continue reading

IT and style – two worlds collide

A conversation with a co-worker today inspired me to start my rant about style no-goes that I see in my daily IT life. This co-worker of mine is a rare breed among men, let alone IT professionals. First of all, he complemented me on my boots (girls, get this, a guy notices what shoes we … Continue reading